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A free training and job placement academy for Infrastructure Computing, DevOps, and SRE for students from underserved communities.

About Kura Labs

Why Kura Labs

We see the exploding workforce demand for DevOps/SRE and Infrastructure Computing engineers as a unique opportunity to build talent pipelines from underserved communities as a gateway to economic equality.
The Kura Approach
We provide valuable “hands-on“ immersive training, led by industry experts, in building solutions to real-world commercial challenges in automated code deployment, optimizing micro-services, and configuring serverless architectures and infrastructure as code.
How Kura Scales

We use group-based applied learning as a force multiplier which builds an invaluable professional ecosystem where our alumni become the engineers, hiring managers, instructors/mentors, CTOs, entrepreneurs, and CEOs of a more equitable future.

For Prospective Employers

CI/CD Pipeline Management
We focus our training on developing automated code deployment processes to enhance commercial productivity from triggered integration, building, and testing to container orchestration, and advanced monitoring.
Micro-Services Architectures
We teach infrastructure architecture, including micro-services, based on a core understanding and alignment of key business objectives. This informs how we provide resilience, scale, and speed relative to the increased operational complexity.
Serverless Computing Infrastructures

We teach how to utilize financial and operational metrics to inform use of serverless components within the computational infrastructure by assessing trade offs between elastic capacity and ceding of direct operational control. 

Student Certifications

For Prospective Students

Free Advanced Training & Certification

Receive unique hands-on experience building and managing CI/CD pipelines, microservices and serverless architectures and infrastructure as code.

Unique Employer Preparation
Work in highly collaborative teams to design, build, and present solutions with active guidance and feedback from leading instructors and technology executives who will be your future colleagues, peers, and managers.
Post-Graduate Career Advancement
Become part of an invaluable alumni network of infrastructure computing & DevOps/SRE engineers who serve the broader community as future mentors, teachers, inventors, industry executives, and entrepreneurs.

Ready to Apply?

If you are interested in entering this exciting and rapidly growing field of Infrastructure Computing, DevOps/SRE, please contact us.

Kura Alum in Their Own Words...


Proclivity Systems

“When I was interviewing for Kura, it felt like the interviewers accepted me, even though I had no background in computer science. And when I joined the program, I really had a fresh start where I could fail in a safe space and ask as many questions as I needed to. It felt like a crash course, which is how I was able to learn so much in such a short amount of time.”



“One of the things that was important for me to gain from Kura was filling the gap in my knowledge about technology. The program gave me the experience of how to project manage from start to finish. We were in control of the entire product, for instance, what should we go to next, how do we meet the needs of the clients now and in the future. I’m really glad I joined the program. I met a lot of great people and instructors. I now have a quality network of people who have contributed to my life, and I have had the chance to contribute to theirs too.”



“I have referred a lot of my friends to this program. This program changed the dynamic that I looked at computer—I need to learn the basics before I can get to where I want to be. They pushed and challenged me, so that I am now comfortable to speak about these technicalities. It also gave me an entire support system who I can always call to ask: “how do I do this or that?”

Our Partners

Our expanding ecosystems of commercial partners are investing in immediate high-paid employment, immersive applied training, and long-term career development with our academy.

Our Donors

Sheldon Gilbert


Tech entrepreneur who realized that the explosive demand in cloud computing was creating a massive workforce gap in Infrastructure Computing (IC), DevOps, SRE and SecOps that could be filled by investing in untapped engineering talent from underserved communities and decided to launch Kura Labs, the market’s first IC and DevOps/SRE vocational academy.

Richard Rivera

Founding Member Senior Advisor

Veteran educator and founder of multiple college access programs who felt that 18% graduation rates from community colleges was never going to address systemic socio-economic inequality and decided to join Sheldon in launching Kura Labs. While Sheldon focused on the development of the curriculum and selecting employer partners, Richard brought on foundational donors and students through his broad network of educational institutions.

Daniel Adeyanju

Founding Member Director

Former software engineer who was deeply concerned about the paucity of engineers from underserved communities during his time in Silicon Valley, decided to return to NYC to create career pathways for future engineers from such communities. Realizing his shared passion, Richard tapped Daniel to help launch Kura Labs. Daniel recruited Kura’s talented instructors and manages curriculum enhancement, student learning development and job placement, and alumni career enhancement.

Board of Directors & Advisors

Al Zollar

Investor, Philanthropist, Tech Executive

Ben Shephard

Senior Vice President

Silicon Valley Bank

Arjun Kapoor

Co-Founder Scala Computing

Tactical Ops, The Blackstone Group

Ruth Jurgensen


Prep for Prep

Jarnickae Wilson


Goldman Sachs

Guillermo A. Fisher

VP Engineering



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